Noe Valley Coffee unique coffees from quality producers and roast each batch with the precision and care that this complex fruit requires.

The process is taken seriously. There is experimentation and innovation, but most importantly there is a focus on creating their own standard of roasting. All coffees selected and roasted by Noe Valley Coffee Roasters are fully traceable and assessed using international cupping standards, SCAA and COE.


Noe Valley Coffee team is made up of passionate and dedicated individuals, who work tirelessly both in Australia and at origin to source the best quality coffees on offer in the market.

Each offering sees a panel of minds working together to create and evaluate the individual roast, to ensure quality and maintain a high standard.

The final Noe Valley Coffee product reflects a collaborative journey to deliver exceptional coffee.


Noe Valley Coffee is roasted at the Noe Valley Coffee warehouse.

Using advanced technology, the team works to control key factors in the roasting process and capture the ideal profile for each coffee.

Current crop, seasonal coffees are roasted individually to highlight their unique character. Coffees are presented as Single Origin Espresso or Filter Roasts, with some carefully blended to create unique and distinctive Seasonal Blends.

Noe Valley Coffee Roasters focus on roast development to highlight origin characteristics. Every measure is taken in the roasting process to be at the forefront of sustainable practices. This complex process concentrates on creating quality control through new and innovative technologies.

It is a combination of advanced roasting technology with the application of on ground knowledge and coffee quality that results in premium Noe Valley Coffee.


Noe Valley Coffee has a direct-to-farm approach ensuring quality and sustainability in the supply chain.

The team focuses on sourcing unique, single farm and estate coffees from award winning producers located in key origins including Guatemala, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Ethiopia. Each farm’s unique qualities and focus is important to the team, who travel to origin each season. During this time, closely forged relationships are maintained and relationships with new producers are formed.

Noe Valley Coffee Roasters believe that knowing the story behind each coffee is important. Discovering quality-focused, passionate and dedicated producers of distinctive coffee is what drives them. A mutual respect and a mutual love of coffee.